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There are no accidents, you are here because you created your presence here. Now with an open heart and mind take with you that which you are intended to take.


Lightworker USA, LLC has been created by Rose Louise for the sharing of Love Vibration. I share with you my story of healing and inspiration for you to heal yourself. It is a choice to do so, an allowance, a surrendering. Stop fighting and begin living. Allow what is, to be; and with a conscious mind create your moment. It is this moment that creates the next moment and so on. Every thought, every feeling, every word spoken, and every action taken is your creation, choose wisely. For it is as a boom-a-rang; what goes out always returns to the being sending it. You are a creator and you have created your now through thoughts and actions of the past.

You will find writings that are channeled through me here. I open my heart and mind to allow 100% pure light beings to speak through me. Divine guidance will help you to remember your true being. You have learned about what you are not; now learn about what you are.

Journey On,

Rose Louise

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