Time to Stop Blaming Your Mythical God

By the Higher Self of Carolyn Gervais Author of: I Dreamed I Was Human http://www.idreamediwashuman.com

The spiritually astute and the non-astute are what make up the many diverse relationships that most people cannot avoid interaction with, unless one lives in a cave. Astute here means being aware on the many levels of the soul and mind that produces thought and evokes wisdom. Wisdom though cannot be evoked without discernment and contemplation. The kind of wisdom gained from one’s discernment and contemplation is dependent on how unbiased beliefs and views are. The more unbiased personal views and beliefs are the more compassionate and open is the human heart—which in turn determines how aware a person is on the levels of soul. This takes self- honesty and a real desire to understand all the evil that prejudice, fear and anger create. That is what astuteness is, the ability to see beyond what does not enhance or nurture life.

Human existence is at war on the many levels of the psyche, in other words, with itself, because everything you see and experience with your five senses is really a distortion of what is truly there. Why? The five senses are controlled by a person’s programing, including their experiences and personal beliefs that can hide everything that does not substantiate one’s ideal identity of self, which includes anything or anyone that triggers personal feelings, beliefs and fears. Wisdom is from the soul aspect or higher self that makes up the context of life. When the context of life is tapped into, it gradually enhances and broadens the content of life and enriches everything.

The world is a battle field because of the old energy that demands complete control over everything and everyone so as not to face that which the old energy fears losing or never having. It is the old energy of prejudice and greed that wants to crush and destroy anything it believes might crush and destroy it, so the old energy does not hesitate to strike first no matter how premature. This is the mentality of hate, resentment, fear, greed and the need to control which destroys human dignity, self- worth, kindness, love, brotherhood and the desire to serve others. As you have witnessed, this behavior is extremely destructive to peace in any of its forms.

Everyone has played a role in manifesting the world you see and experience with all your human senses. Seeing fear and desperation and therefore reacting in a way that manifests more fear and evil in the world only adds to the problem. It may not seem easy, but each person needs to look long and deep into the fears, needs, wants and prejudices that beliefs have created and have manifested in each life, personally and otherwise.

What experiences manifest for each is determined by your conscious and unconscious beliefs, perceptions and choices and also by what has been hidden with self-denial and blame. Blame and denial hide you from you no matter how just the blame and denial appear to be. Blame and denial are no longer an option.

It’s time to stop blaming the mythical God each has created in their own personal image—for all the suffering one experiences in life. Look at it this way, with your free-will you created your version of God with your human mind and that is the God you believe in. How hard can it be then, to realize that you too create your own life and the experiences that help you to evolve, not because there isn’t a powerful creative force that created you and gave you free-will, but because there is.

The people that societies deem as a throw away because they seem lazy, ignorant, uneducated, unworthy, poverty stricken and low class—are the societies that keep oppressed people, suppressed and trapped in the darkness of hopeless despair and abandonment, simply because they were born into a dilemma or environment that offers little to no escape from suffering. Causing them to feel smothered, severely confined and desperate to break free from that environment, just like a wild animal would feel if caged. Those who have not experienced that kind of desperation, rejection and suffering don’t have any idea as to how they would react in such a depleted and depleting environment, and yet there are those that judge what they have no capacity to understand and call it a justifiable attack, even though they are not the ones being attacked. Why? They fear that somehow those they view as a throw away will somehow eventually lessen or take away the exorbitant life style they have become overly attached to.

It is time for humanity to wake up to the absolute truth that you are all made from the same energy source. No one has less and no one has more of the creative energy than anyone else or anything else. You each choose experiences that will push or nudge you to look inward so that you will master the human condition through personal life experiences. Experiences chosen unconsciously and consciously by you that have the potential of moving you ever deeper into Self-Realization. Therefore it is helpful to be able to look at yourself as objectively and unbiased as you can, inside and out. This practice will help move you into the understanding that you are all connected and therefore are dependent on each other’s life force energy. This energy could also be called soul energy. Without this energy exchange on all levels of being, life force dwindles and causes stagnation and decay.

When a person feels a need to attack, they are in fear that if they don’t attack they will somehow be harmed now or in the future by what they are presently believing is the enemy. Imagine what it would feel like if every day because of where you live, how you live, what you look like and how you act, you would have to be on guard in case someone chose to attack you. Would you, especially as a male, make much effort to go to school or look for a job if where you lived was full of desperate, deprived and down and out people who would just as well kill you, if they didn’t like the way you looked? Every situation in an unsafe environment can feel dangerous and life threatening. When people are in survival mode that is all they can concentrate on, surviving. When people are suppressed they don’t feel happy about anything. Instead they will most likely feel empty inside. Too often, the only thing left for a man young or old to do, in a suppressed environment is to create a way of life that gives him a sense of power and some control over his environment. That could be anything from an abundance of tattoos, a certain hair style, carrying a gun, acting tough and looking mean. Bullying others and learning how to fight to do some real bodily harm could bring a feeling of accomplishment. Maybe stealing would make someone like this feel empowered because he sees no other way to have the things he longs to have.

How each person uses their equal portion of the creative force in their life has to do with how in touch and aware they are on the higher levels of their consciousness. The more involved with the higher levels of consciousness one is, the more harmless the actions. Love as awareness does not inflict pain, judgment, or decides who is worthy and who isn’t. Love only finds compassionate solutions that promote balance within self and within the self of others.

The down trodden and poor need jobs and a reason to care about their lives. Jobs give one a feeling of self-pride, of being of use in the world and having a purpose. Adults and teens that don’t have the means to pull themselves out of their suppressed environments tend to give up and are more apt to turn to lives of crime. If stealing gives someone who needs it, a feeling of power and a form of control over their life, and that is the only way the person believes he or she will ever have anything of value, which would you choose? Would you choose stealing or would choose getting a high school diploma that by itself could only warrant a minimum wage job?

Becoming a master at rebellion, anger and violence can oftentimes become the only goals left for someone who sees no way out of his/her suppressed environment. With that mindset, surviving is success.

So who can these human souls turn to, for what has been called “a hand up?” A hand up helps people to help themselves. It can give a life meaning, unlike that of a “hand out.” It’s time to be part of the solution instead of further debasing people who are hurting mentally, physically and emotionally because they can’t find what they so need, a purpose?

Higher Self of Carolyn Gervais

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