Independence Day 2013

Inspire Freedom

Inspire Freedom



1. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

  1. Absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.

The cost of Freedom is a high one, but loss of Freedom is at a higher cost yet!

Over the centuries, many have died in the name of freedom. To be free is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. With the absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic (ruler with absolute power) government. Our American ancestors fled from a country with a ruler with absolute power; that despotic government dictated what they could say, how they could worship, who or what they could worship, and whether or not they would financially flourish. If they spoke out against that tyrannical government, they were in many cases tortured, or even worse, murdered as an example of fear for the rest of the populous. As freedom is defined, they did not have free speech, nor the freedom of religion, or even the ability to step beyond their assigned or birthed station in life. They could not freely affect their financial situation through free enterprise. Our ancestors fought for inalienable rights of dignity and the ability to choose their own path and station in life; they made it possible for their children, grandchildren, and their grandchildren’s children, to know what being free means. Many paid the highest price possible for that freedom, their life! They gave their lives freely for their Families and neighbors both near and far. It is my belief that they believed their sacrifice would be appreciated, protected, and respected. It is also my belief that our ancestors knew their descendants would do the same for their Families and neighbors throughout this great Nation. Once the war was over, as they looked at the destruction and loss of life with heavy hearts, they knew they had a new lease on life. They began to build a nation that would stand for liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. They put in their Governing documents a foundation of truth, of faith in God our Creator. They did this because without those values, freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness would surely be lost. That belief in God/Creator is not imposed on the populous; instead, it is an assurance that all Americans can have freedom of religion regardless of their beliefs.

Whether the sacrifice was made then or now, that sacrifice deserves our own sacrifices in

support of the freedom they fought to protect. If a people of a nation are self-serving

Many Have Fought & Died for Freedom!

Many Have Fought & Died for Freedom!

instead of serving one another, they will most likely fall for ideas that promise a better life, but delivers dictatorship instead. If a government enacts legislation and laws that are restrictive to the people of the nation, they are in effect slapping our Fore Fathers and every person that died for freedom in the face. They are saying that the people must submit to the government instead of the government submitting and serving the people. If the people of the now free nation allows its government to grow out of control, increasingly limiting freedom; then the people are just as guilty as the government for the disrespect of those who died or were maimed in the name of freedom. If a government serves their own interests first, before the interests of the people, they are tyrannical.

I know in my heart that our ancestors believed the people they fought for to be worthy of their sacrifice. While they died at the war front, their families were keeping watch at home. They did their best to protect their descendants from having to experience the heavy hand of an overreaching, self-serving, power, and money hungry government. They placed their experience, knowledge, and their faith into a document that they believed would ensure that their descendants would remain free for a very long time, it is called the Constitution of the United States of America.

We The People Are The Government. Those we elect to represent us have forgotten their place!

We The People Are The Government. Those we elect to represent us have forgotten their place!

Unlike the legislation of today, our Constitution was initially only 18 pages long; no one had to buy votes with promises of funding legislators pet projects. Even with the amendments and the Bill of Rights it is only 85 pages. Why is it that our governing bodies are not able to write legislation that reflects the wisdom and care of our Founding Fathers? Why is it that we have a healthcare bill that is more than 18 thousand pages long? Why is it that the Senate has passed an immigration bill that is well over one thousand pages long? Why is it that our Congress cannot support an effort to protect our borders from terrorists and criminals? Why is it that in order to gain support for their bills they must add unrelated funding for pet projects? Why is it that our government spends our tax dollars to fund their own wealth? Why is it that there aren’t any more mom and pop gas stations, and why is it that small business is disappearing? Why is it that Americans have abandoned our Founding Fathers Faith and ideals of Freedom first?

This Fourth Day of July, 2013 is a day that we are supposed to celebrate the freedom our Founding Fathers bought for us with their lives. If we think we are honoring them by barbequing and setting off fireworks we are sadly mistaken. We the people are dishonoring them by allowing our Government to grow out of control and literally giving away our freedom for a hand out. It is not our Governments job to make sure we eat right, nor to tell us what and how to teach our children. It is not our Governments role to dictate our prayers, or our religion. It is not our Governments role to prevent us from the ability to protect our family and our property with the ownership of guns.

I understand the solder that fought in Afghanistan, and Iraq when I heard him ask why? Why is it that I fought? It was not to keep our Country free, because I came home to find less freedom than when I left. Why? Why is it that the American people are so willing to give away the freedom that we have fought so hard to protect? I fought for nothing; I watched my comrades die for nothing. We sacrificed and were wounded for nothing! As I listened to this solder express his broken heart, I began to see how as Americans we are sadly lacking in a backbone. We have become complacent and self-serving with our attitudes and our instant self-gratification. We the American people have a great deal to answer for. We slap our Founding Fathers in the face and we slap every solder that has fought to protect the freedoms we are so quick to give away.

In honor of every American that has sacrificed for us, we have an obligation to stand up and restore the freedoms they fought for. We must reign in our out of control government before it is too late. This Fourth of July do something different, get involved! Speak out and tell our Government enough is enough! Stop the stupid spending, the outrageous legislation that only serves their own personal agenda. We the people honor and respect those who have fought and given their lives for our freedom and we will protect it also with our lives. Nothing less is acceptable to the American People. We are a people that values freedom and the rights of every human being in our Country and those around the world. We are a people that through wakefulness and determination will not settle for less than freedom.

True Freedom only exists in our hearts! If our hearts are not free then we are not free. Submitting and settling for anything less than honor, respect, and love for our fellow human beings shows that we do not respect the sacrifices a multitude has made. As a spiritual being having a human experience we must raise above this perceived reality. We must raise the vibration of our planet and recreate our world. We have the power to affect our reality.

To believe in something that is not evidenced by results is only wishful thinking. Jesus said “you shall know my people by their fruit”. That is the same for truth; we know a statement as truth by the fruit it produces. When a lie is told the outcome does not resemble the statement. Open up your eyes America, our Government is lying to us, and our right to speak out may soon be gone. I value my freedom! I value the sacrifices my fellow Americans have made and I stand up to protect that freedom with every fiber of my being. I ask you to join me. Let us stand up in truth, rejecting fear, speaking out for what we know is right.

We are Americans, a people that have fought to bring freedom to others all over the world. I do not gloat, boast about the freedom I have, I am grateful for that freedom, and know that it comes at a great price. To keep our freedom we must take action. If we continue to travel down the same path, we have been on, our freedom will diminish, and we will experience the same tyranny our Founding Fathers fled. It is said, that we do not know what we have until it is gone. Do not take your freedom for granted, instead be humble within your freedom. To be comfortable and complacent taking our freedom for granted is the same as saying we do not value the sacrifices our fighting Men & Women have made. We have seen many horrible things happen around the world over the years, and said to ourselves, “I am glad I live here.” Yet we go about our day focusing on ourselves not being mindful of the impact we are having on others.

Join me America; we have a tremendous responsibility to the sacrifices of all who have fought in the name of freedom. Let us show them just how much we care about their losses. Let us speak out to shrink the size and power of a government that is out of control. Let us take back the freedoms we have given away under false pretenses.

Choose to be Free!

Choose to be Free!

Let us celebrate this Fourth of July with a voice that is loud and powerful! Make yourself aware of what is happening around you, then make your voice heard. Ask your Creator for truth and it is given; be willing to see truth and your eyes will be opened; be willing to hear truth and your ears will also be opened. Then go forth a speak truth for it is self-evident and does not require further proof.

In closing I share with you these statements with an open heart, mind and spirit. In Agape Love, I share my spirit and my heart with every person listening to this program. Take or leave what you may. Those who are intended to hear will hear and will take action as they see fit.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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