Is This Life a Dream?

As the veil of consciousness is raised our eyes are opened to infinite possibility

                              This picture is from                               As the veil of consciousness is raised our eyes are opened to infinite possibility.

We are Infinite Beings having a Human experience.

God is all that is! All that is is God! That means that you and I are intricate parts of a whole that is God. God is pure Love, so where does the imperfection we are experiencing come in to the picture? If we are a part of God, why are we imperfect? Are the imperfections we experience here on Earth real? If those imperfections were created by me, can I un-create them?

Let us examine the first question. Because God is perfection, pure Love, God has never experienced imperfection. Because we are intricate, vital parts of the whole that is God, we volunteered to go forth and experience imperfection for the God Aspect of us. Through us, our God Aspect is able to experience imperfection, providing a better understanding around what is the opposite of Love. The rules that were set up for us were simple, free choice would remain within the experience so that those who wanted to end the adventure could instantaneously.

The aspect of God that is Humanity was able to lower vibration without the whole being of God reducing energetic vibration; therefore creating the experience of the opposite vibration of Love. There is no separation between our higher vibrational God Being and our Earthly Being making it possible for God to be able to share within this experience. Because we have the ability to choose to remain within this experience of imperfection or to end the experiment, we also have the choice to assist others with remembering who and what they truly are. We can remain here or go into another plane of existence.

It is important to understand that when we first began this journey through Human-hood, we were fully aware of the Godly half of who we are. Nevertheless, as we got into the role-playing and began to forget our true nature we became caught up in the fantasy. The fantasy was then more real to us than our true God Nature and before long; we blinded ourselves to our higher vibrational self all together. Many call this the veil of consciousness, which is mentioned in Genesis of the Bible. The difference between what is written in the Bible and what I am saying here is simple and easy to understand. The Bible depicts God as the one pulling down the veil of consciousness, I present to you that it was us that pulled that veil down tight. We did this because much of this experience we found enjoyable and wanted to experience it more fully. We thought that by closing that door we would be able to get more completely into the role we were playing. We were experiencing both Perfection and imperfection at the same time enabling us to compare the two and determine which we enjoyed most.

However, closing the door to our higher God self, meant that we would forget the God aspect of who and what we are; we did not understand that by closing the door we would fall deeper into imperfection, deeper into the fantasy that was only intended as an adventure into what we are not. We did not realize that by doing this we would completely forget our true nature and create a false reality that would stifle our ability to end the experiment at any time. The good news is that all we have to do to restore our true nature is remember it.

Before we were born into our Earthly Bodies we laid out a plan before us; let’s call this plan a script. This script, which we wrote, laid out every experience we would have while here on Earth and enlisted other Soul Aspects to play a role in that experience. Through the manmade aspects of imperfection we have journeyed, raising havoc, and disrespecting one another, not realizing we are all connected; disrespecting any one soul or part of this experience is disrespecting our self. We are at a point of drawing this adventure to a close. Therefore, this journey has become an experience of remembering who and what we really are. We have been searching for God everywhere, not realizing we are an Aspect of God and all we must do to remember is open ourselves up to that part of us. When I hit bottom back in 2000 the hard reality I had created left me at a point of making a choice to surrender or to remain stubborn within the mess I had created. I chose to surrender and therefore I am alive today; I am sharing with you that when we make that choice no matter which way we choose, our true nature will never change or diminish in any way. We are and always will be aspects of God, which again, is all that is!

In answering the first two questions, I have in a way, answered the third and fourth question. Yes, we have full control over whether or not we remain within the darkness we created by pulling down that veil of consciousness. When I surrendered to my Creator, there was a broken and jumbled up mess before my higher God Self. My loneliness was overwhelming and my ability to function within this reality greatly reduced. I had asked God for help before and it appeared nothing happened, what made this time different? This time I surrender not only the aspects of this experience that caused me pain, I had surrendered my ego mind to my Creator, so that my eye’s would be opened to the help I was being provided. So that the veil of consciousness would raise and I would see the connection with All That Is. I had to say yes, I give up, I know I can’t do this on my own, send me help or I’m going to end it. There had to be absolute trust even when things didn’t look right because of the teachings of my youth. I had to trust that my Creator would lead me through the uncertainties and the judgmental conclusions I would draw because of my past. I had to open up to new ways of thinking and a new way of being in order to break down the walls that blinded me to the truth. This took letting go of all I had learned, all I had accepted as fact, all I had perceived as limitation. The view we have while living in the darkness we created by pulling down that veil of consciousness; it is a view that is laden with false-hoods because of the imperfection we’ve created for this experiment.

To see the truth about ourselves all we must do is recognize that this reality is a false reality and our true reality is one of perfection. Then allow ourselves to accept infinite possibility as an aspect of the perfection that we are. When we recognize this truth, our eyes are opened to the higher God Aspect of who we are as instinct; we are truly one with God, one with all that is. Perfection is and always has been our true nature, all we have to do to realize that perfection within this experience is allow it to manifest as our reality.

This life of imperfection is truly a dream that we have created and can modify at any time through our remembering, recognizing and allowing our true God Being to manifest within this Human adventure. When Jesus said “Ye must be born again” what he meant was that we must remember who and what we are and allow that to be as a new born way of being. To be is all we must do, be as we truly are and allow our higher God Being to guide us through this journey called life.

With Love & Light Journey On,

Rose Louise

About Rose Louise

Welcome to my journey...I am an infinite spirit having a human experience. This experience is one that I create with every thought, with every word and feeling. You are now a part of my journey as is intended. I share with you my gift of wellness, the gift of Love. The power of self healing has always been ours; the difference is you and I are remembering our true being. Journey On, Rose Louise
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