Moving Beyond Emotion to Peace

Darkness can not overtake the Light. It is the other way around, Light always overtakes darkness. Let your Light shine bright.

Darkness can not overtake the Light. It is the other way around, Light always overtakes darkness. Let your Light shine bright.

As human beings, we process information in several ways and then draw conclusions based on our assessment of that information. The final assessment can be a positive one or rob us of our peace, joy, and feelings of being secure. Whether our assessment is positive or self-defeating will depend largely upon our life view. Unfortunately, at this stage, our life view is dictated by those very events that threaten our self-confidence and our ability to gain power over our life experiences. It is often painful to view past traumatic events and so we bury them deep inside ourselves. Buried trauma will manifest in the form of health problems, whether they are physical, emotional, or both depends greatly upon the depth at which we have buried them. They resurface into our consciousness occasionally to remind us of how insignificant we really are; at least that’s what we tell ourselves. We relive the experience as if it is happening right now and feeling all of the emotions connected with the event. It’s no wonder we don’t want to face these events and move past them; it hurts too much! That is why so many turn to alcohol and drugs. My sister Bonnie used to tell me the reason she drank so heavily was because when she was drunk she didn’t hurt. I loved my sister and wanted to help her with all my heart but unfortunately I couldn’t. I could not take her pain away nor could I help her to face her ghosts and take back her power. Besides, my own life was in shambles and there was no way for me to help her when I felt I couldn’t even help myself. I have sense lost my sister Bonnie to cancer. I know my sister is still with me helping me through my own challenges in life.

Just before I made the choice to change my direction and to do something different; I concluded that if I didn’t, I would end up dead (1999) like my sister. I did not wish to end up an alcoholic with numerous health problems and very little joy in my life and/or dead. I didn’t know at that time how to make changes to help myself. All I knew was I had to do something different. I looked at what I was doing and recognized it was not working. I asked myself, what can I do differently to have a better life? I had concluded that the medications prescribed were not making me well but simply treating the symptom and temporarily masking some of my pain. First, was my choice to stop taking all of the prescription medications the doctor had me on. Secondly, was to confront my doctor and have him refer me to another that would take a more natural approach to my healing. I thought about it, lost sleep over it, fretted about it, and then I did it. What was liberating about actually taking action around my feelings was that I overcame my fear of not knowing the outcome. Taking those steps put me on the road to discovery. My doctor referred me to an Osteopathic Doctor in Sebastopol California. I was amazed at the difference between the two and even more amazed at the results. After seeing this new doctor for six months without any prescription medications, I was finally able to sleep through the night without pain. His treatment included diet, supplements, acupuncture, massage therapy and Osteopathic adjustments. There was so much pain that many times during a massage therapy session, my pain would surface and I’d just cry. I was amazed at the massage therapist. She was able to help me more than any drug or counselor had ever helped me. She brought so much to the surface. She did that because I was willing to feel the pain again, finally for the last time. Somehow I knew that if I did not allow myself to go through this process, I would end up dead. However, my life force was strong in spite of my life view.

We must face our fears to move beyond them. If we are not willing to do that, then we remain defeated and powerless in overcoming our self-defeating ways of being. The years to follow were like a rollercoaster; up, down, and all around with ripening Karma and the resurfacing of trauma. That went on for about four years when finally in 2003, I met a man that would effectively change my view and my life’s path for the better. His name is Danny Cabrera. Danny is a hypnotherapist, he owns Now Voyager Hypnotherapy in Phoenix AZ. He told me that I did not have to experience the pain of the traumatic event to overcome it. He said, through hypnotherapy I could view the event without the emotional connection to it. Then I could see the event with more clarity, seeing how it has affected my life up to that point. He told me that I would see the choices I have made that robbed me of my ability to move past the experience. I was not sure at that time how true it was, but decided to sign up for six sessions with Danny, attitude of nothing ventured nothing gained. At the end of those six sessions, I signed up for six more sessions. I had made so much progress and feeling so much better, but I knew I was not done yet. After about a year of hypnotherapy sessions, I felt as though I had removed most of the self-imposed obstacles to my regaining ability to function as a productive human being.

You see, up to that point I had blocked my own success because of my view of past traumatic events. Danny helped me to see the truth around my own actions and did it without my having to experience the emotions of the event again. My gratitude to Danny is great! There have been many people enter my life and have assisted me with overcoming my own self-imposed limitations, Danny is one of the most influential. I am happy and grateful to now share Danny Cabrera, Now Voyager Hypnotherapy with my Beyond Limitation audience. I hope you will join me for this show, it proves to be a great one.

Journey On,
Rose Louise

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Welcome to my journey...I am an infinite spirit having a human experience. This experience is one that I create with every thought, with every word and feeling. You are now a part of my journey as is intended. I share with you my gift of wellness, the gift of Love. The power of self healing has always been ours; the difference is you and I are remembering our true being. Journey On, Rose Louise
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