Overwhelmed By Love

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the love of another? Whether you have or have not, I can say that to be overwhelmed by God Love,  is a feeling that cannot be described. You have never felt anything like being overwhelmed by God Love. Let me attempt to describe it for you based on my own experience. When you are, overwhelmed by God Love YOU-

  • Love and accept everyone as they are without judgment. Allowing all to be as it is, knowing that every being is your sibling and that all will manifest for the highest good of all!
  • Smile, and know that no matter how things appear, all is in perfect order for your highest good and the highest good of those around you. Situations and circumstances only serve as a guide for remembrance. To help you remember you’re true infinite being.
  • Feel the oneness of all that is! You are never alone; there is always an Angel or guide to lean on and protect you. Humanity is perfect within this space and Love is all there is. Every plant, animal, rock, the soil; everything is our sibling. When we are good stewards of others and our home, we are taking care of ourselves. All is One!
  • Live within the moment instead of living in the past or future. You know that the past only serves to help us remember our true being and the future we have not created yet. To be within the moment is to be with God!
  • Know that physical perception is skewed to a limited view based on a belief system and our perceived limitations. You know that you are an infinite being with infinite possibility.
  • Allow yourself to be safe and accept that fear is a creation of the mind! Correcting our misguided belief that anything but God Love exists, becomes automatic, and is done when we surrender to God Love. We are Love for all eternity! Know it is Truth! It is so within our physical reality.
  • Trust that no matter what transpires surrendering to God Love will always bring joy into your life experience. That is all it can bring! Love grows in the likeness of its self.

If you have ever read the Bible, you know that the book of Corinthians goes into depth describing what Love is. I am not going to get into that part of it, but I do recommend you read it. There are only two true emotions:

Love & Fear- All flows from this point. Either you are a being of Love or you are a being of Fear. You cannot be both!

If within your life experience you are creating anything other than Love, then you are not Loving yourself! You are not first and foremost loving the God Mind within you; nor are you Loving your earthly being; nor are you Loving those around you without judgment. To truly Love as God Loves you,  you must surrender to God all that you perceive yourself to be. Let go of ego mind, let go of what you think you need to survive or be happy. Trust that you are safe when you place yourself within the hands of your Creator. All of your earthly and spiritual needs are meant, and there is no need for worry.

I Am that I Am, infinite God Mind, that has manifest within the flesh as Jesus did and still is. I know within my being he is, as we are right now, except he vibrates at a much higher vibration. When we raise our vibration to his level, we will be reunited in God Love physically as well as Spiritually.

Make a choice to surrender to Creator/God Mind/Jehovah/Etc…Our Creator is known by many names and is Omni-present, Omni-sentient, all-knowing and lives in all things. Our Creator is Energy, all that is, is our Creator, including you and me. I Am, is another name for our Creator, when you say I Am, you are proclaiming that you and the Father are one. Be that which you proclaim. Live the vibration of God Love, and you will know the limitless joy of eternity.

If you choose to remain in the darkness for now, it is alright. All that means is you are not ready to come home. Continue upon your journey and know that all is in perfect order for your highest good and the highest good of those around you.

Journey On In Joy,

Rose Louise

About Rose Louise

Welcome to my journey...I am an infinite spirit having a human experience. This experience is one that I create with every thought, with every word and feeling. You are now a part of my journey as is intended. I share with you my gift of wellness, the gift of Love. The power of self healing has always been ours; the difference is you and I are remembering our true being. Journey On, Rose Louise
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