Through Many Traditions High Spiritual Vibration is Reinforced

Darkness can not overtake the Light. It is the other way around, Light always overtakes darkness. Let your Light shine bright.

Darkness can not overtake the Light. It is the other way around, Light always overtakes darkness. Let your Light shine bright.

Human Beings from the beginning of the idea of separation has been looking for ways to get back to the complete being that Humanity once was. The truth is, we are already complete, we do not have to search for our Creator or get back to anything because we are One with our Creator. We always have been One with All That Is, but the idea of separation brought forth the manifestation of imperfection. This idea of imperfection grew as we focused upon it and took our eye’s away from the truth (Creator).
This desire to find a connection with something that appears greater than we are has manifested in the form of religion and many traditions that are practiced all over the world. It is only understood by those whom are already vibrating at a higher energetic rate that this is an unnecessary exercise. To find God, Creator, the I Am Presence, the Violet Flame, Jehovah…etc all one must do is look within there very own being and into the faces of those around them.
Does that mean that all of the thousands of traditions and religions are without merit? No, not at all, within every religion and tradition there is some truth. When we are open to that truth it will find us. Remember, our Creator is All That Is; this includes the aspects of religion that are in alignment with the energies of Love.
The point here is to open minds to truth no matter where it comes from. Judgement and fear (false evidence appearing real) block truth and prevent us from seeing it. If we are open to the Love that is within the hearts of those around us no matter their religious affiliation, ethnic origin or even what appears to be a wrong way of thinking; we will then see the truth and Love that is there. Take the truth and apply it within your own life journey, leave the rest and Love the person no matter what other ideas or ways of being you might not agree with.
I find many Native American ideas and traditions to be within that space of Love. I resonate with a good portion of what I am aware of, at the same time for me there is a lack of understanding around a large amount of Native tradition. This is simply because I have not been exposed to much of the symbolism and there meanings. Even without knowing many of the traditions and the reasons for them I know that the Love I feel resonates with the Love that vibrates through All That Is.
I also find myself drawn to some Buddhist ideas, as well as some Christian ideas, and some of the practices of East India. With an open heart, mind and Spirit, I come to you today so that my understanding will be expanded for my highest good and the highest good of those around me. Today as Star Laughing Fox shares with us her journey open your hearts and minds to the light and love that will raise your vibration and the vibration of all of Humanity.
Healing Mother Earth and our Universe is all connected with our own healing, which is really remembering our true being. To respect and care for our home is the same as respecting and caring for our-self. What I know of Native American Tradition reflects this idea and therefore is in the natural flow of Love energy.
If a tradition or portions of religion vibrates with the vibration of Love and truth, then embrace it. Remember, that to judge another is really judging your self. The truth is always revealed when we are open and willing to receive it. So allow all that is to be, look for the Light and combine it with your own. Do not close your self to the light vibration of another, that is an attempt at separation. We are all one and cannot be separated. So embrace and expand all light, whether you resonate with their tradition and religion or not. The Light is the Light, Love is Love and is all that is!
Journey On,
Rose Louise

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The Power of Knowing is Absolute, Without Doubt

Darkness can not overtake the Light. It is the other way around, Light always overtakes darkness. Let your Light shine bright.

Darkness can not overtake the Light. It is the other way around, Light always overtakes darkness. Let your Light shine bright.

To believe is to think you know based upon limited information. The information is limited because of our belief that our physical perceptions are limited. Our perceptions are limited by our unwillingness to open our hearts and minds up to the unknown, up to Infinite Possibility. These beliefs have crippled us preventing us from experiencing our full potential as Human Beings. The fear (false evidence appearing real) that surrounds our perceptions of the unknown is there because of the belief that there is something to fear; something that could do us harm. The truth is; the evidence we are looking at when we choose to maintain closed mindedness is false and is based upon incomplete and misguided principles.

As an Infinite Being having a Human experience nothing that the physical ego mind can dream up can harm us. That includes all that is perceived within this three dimensional realm; this Earthly adventure we call life. Anything that manifests within the physical is temporary and will never have an effect on our Infinite Being.

Our Infinite Being, Spiritual Being, Light Being, Higher God Self, is our true being; as opposed to the physical dream we have manifested here on Earth. To believe this, is the first step to knowing it; but to know it is the ultimate understanding that opens the doors to our remembering our true being. The manifestation of our Infinite Being within the Earth Plane is nothing more than a willingness to trust that we are 100% safe within the realm of All That Is.

To allow our self to remain within the darkness of physical perception is to choose that darkness and lack of understanding. To allow our self to open up our hearts, ego mind and emotional body, ie…physical being to infinite possibility is choosing to step into the light where truth lives and life is everlasting. The trust that we must have to do this is simply a choice, this is where the knowing comes into play. We must know that we know, that we know, we are safe within this un-ventured space of frequency. That no matter what, we are One with the Father, One with All That Is!

The power of knowing is the power of manifestation! The thought vibration we send out is the creation of the equal matching vibration and will manifest within the physical as long as we feel that emotional connection to the vibration. The inability to manifest our desires here on Earth reflects the doubt we harbor around our so called beliefs. When doubt is present the thought vibration cannot become physical. Doubt comes in many forms such as making statements like- some day maybe, perhaps tomorrow, I wish, I want, I guess I’m not supposed to have that; and so on.

Many times what we thought we wanted turns out to not be what we wanted after all. In fact we sometimes manifest things we think we want but end up creating just the opposite result of our perception. This is because what we think we want is based solely on ego mind perception and is lacking soul depth. Within the limitations we have placed upon our self as Human Beings knowing our true desires is virtually impossible. However, when we open our self up to the unknown and infinite possibility we recognize the song of our Higher God Self and begin to manifest the desires of that Infinite aspect of our Being. This type of manifestation is what brings true joy and peace into our life journey, this adventure.

Yes, to know is to create; to believe is to leave room for doubt. What is, is! What is has already been manifested and cannot be modified. However, we are able to modify the next moment, hour, day, week, month or year by modifying our view and acceptance of what is right now. We must maintain gratitude for what is and the same gratitude for what we desire. Our view of life will determine what we modify or what we maintain within our experience.

Life on Earth is an adventure that we have chosen among many such adventures throughout all of Creation. No matter what our life view, positive or negative, we are within this adventure to gain the experience of physical understanding around the choices we make. All is in perfect order and when we make the choice to move into the next adventure we will have gained all we intended our self to gain.

All is well within this life no matter what is perceived. It truly is in perfect order for my highest good and the highest good of those around me.

So Journey On In Love,
Rose Louise

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Ego Mind = Monkey Mind = Linear Thinking

One With All That Is!

One With All That Is!

Linear is defined as (arranged in or extending along a straight or nearly straight line.) It is two dimensional and presents information on only those two levels. To understand the depth of our true being we must go beyond this single strait line thinking. We must step into realms that are unfamiliar to us. We must free ourselves from this Ego/Monkey mind that holds us within limitation. We do not have to die for this to happen, we just have to trust our-self and our Creator enough to let go of all that tie’s us to this limited way of being.

The quote below was taken from hua Hu Ching and to me says it all. I do not know the history of this book or the Author; but I do know that what he wrote here is accurate. If we retrain our brain to do what he stated in this quote, we will find our-self within the center of emptiness. When we are in this space there is nothing that distracts us from our Creator or from remembering our true being. I am One with the Father! I am Co-Creator with the Father! I Am One with All That Is! I Am an Infinite Being having a Human experience!

The story we tell our-self about life and death is truly one of fiction. To realize the truth we must open up to the truth. To implement the truth we must let go of not only the preconceived ideas but we must allow our true being to manifest within the story of life. When we allow our Higher God Self to manifest within the story of life we soon discover that the story is no longer important to us. We realize that infinite possibility is our true nature and that this ego mind/monkey mind linear way of thinking and being is no longer required.

The ego is a monkey mind in catapulting through the jungle.
Totally fascinated by the realm of the senses,
It swings from one desire to the next,
one conflict to the next,
one self centered Idea to the next.
If you threaten it, it actually fears for it’s life.
Let the Monkey go.
Let the senses go
Let desires go.
Let conflicts go.
Let ideas go..
Let the fiction of life and death go.
Just remain in the center watching
And then forget you are there.

-The hua Hu Ching…chapter 10

Allow yourself to go beyond limitation, beyond linear thinking. It is a choice and takes no effort of any kind. As stated above “Let Go”.

Journey On in Love,

Rose Louise

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Life After Waking Up From Spiritual Slumber

What is life like after waking up from being asleep mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Wait, you didn’t know you were sleeping?

I Am an Infinite Being having a Human experience!

I Am an Infinite Being having a Human experience!

Living within the linear plane without the insights our Spirit brings into the picture is the same as being asleep. Our perceptions are limited, our choices are limited and our ability to go beyond those limitations is limited. It is blissful slumber when we aren’t aware we are missing out on infinite possibility. But once we begin to realize that we are more than our linear existence, we begin to search and open up to a new way of being that is limitless. Until we choose to become conscious thinkers living within the moment, as one with All That Is, our ability to see, hear and feel the truth is blocked. Our desire to know our Creator, to know our true being is a great one and is the foremost driving factor along this quest of discovery. Seeking truth will bring truth, seeking understanding will bring understanding, and seeking knowledge will bring knowledge and so on.

This journey we are on, within this Earthly plane is indeed one of discovery or perhaps rediscovery is the correct term. We have the opportunity within this life time to experience what we are not and to renew our gratitude for what we are. When we see the results of limitation and renew our open minded ability to discover infinite possibility, life is strengthened and our reality is broadened. Allow the adventure to unfold without resistance within the Universal flow of all energy to awaken your inner self.

As we continue to awaken our inner infinite being; awareness of unrealized opportunity and the fact of our true being is revealed. Take a moment, close your eyes and see yourself as you truly are. Open your heart, mind, and belief system to infinite possibility. By allowing yourself to open up, you are allowing your Creator to manifest through you. I Am, one with my Creator, my Father, Life Force, All That Is and as such I Am Infinite Possibility.

So journey on through this adventure called life and manifest your true being through remembrance.

Journey in Love,

Rose Louise

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Removing Ego Mind Takes Work or Allowance?

I Am an Infinite Being having a Human experience!

I Am an Infinite Being having a Human experience!

Let’s talk about perceived challenges that we have around our ego mind, its function and its hindrance to allowing our High Spiritual Being to manifest within our experience here on Earth. Do we analyze or not? Do we rationalize or not? What results are achieved through this process and what results are achieved when we allow ourselves to put off ego mind and allow our High Spiritual Being to bring answers and opportunities to us?

With every experience our perceptions prompt us to analyze possible outcomes and draw conclusions on our reality. The belief system forms beliefs based on these conclusions and determines our reality based on those beliefs. The way we see ourselves and others is largely the results of this process. When we have the perception that all we are is this physical being and nothing more; our reality becomes limited our ego mind and belief system becomes static and unchangeable. Even if we have the belief that there is something more than what we hear, see, feel, sense and taste; like a Higher Power for instance, belief is purely a physical thing and will manifest only the physical aspect of its self. This means that the power the belief manifests around the idea of a Higher Power is limited and cannot fulfill the desire for that Higher Power to be infinite and unlimited. This process is what it is because of the idea of separation which is another discussion. This is not how we were designed, nor is it the natural or normal process for Human Beings based upon our design.

The Human brain is a complex design of neural-net pathways that are always changing. They sometimes die off (like cells) to be replaced by new neural-net pathways that are more flexible, maybe larger and perhaps taking a completely different path. This is the results of an open mind, an open belief system that allows the adventure of life to unfold instead of attempting to force what is into a (static belief system) box; which is like fitting a round peg into a square hole.

But when we place ourselves within this static existence, this box we call a belief system, we prevent our brains from functioning properly. This causes us to see and hear only the perceptions of the fixed perimeters placed there by our perceived limited reality. The electrical current that flows through the brain and through the Human body is a never ending current that is Life Force. By allowing the limited way of thinking to become an open and ever changing way of thinking the Life Force within the Human Being is strengthened and the Human reality becomes expanded. The idea of separation diminishes, our abilities and our way of being becomes modified to the extent we remain open to possibility. People being able to communicate with Spiritual Beings in another plane of existence are a direct result of the openness of the ego mind.

Putting off the ego mind and allowing our High Vibrational Spiritual Being to manifest within our reality simply means that the static way of thinking and being is put aside and we open our heart and mind to infinite possibility. By putting self aside (ego mind) we are saying that the limitations currently experienced by self are temporary and that our true infinite being will be allowed to manifest within our Earthly experience.

In every successful instance where a Human Being was able to put ego mind and its conclusions aside; desire and allowance was at the center of that success. The idea that it takes work to put aside our ego mind is archaic and will achieve the opposite of our efforts. Working to put off ego mind simply reinforces the hold of the ego mind on our life experience.

The process of putting aside ego mind to allow infinite possibility to manifest within our

All Is One! Be grateful in all things!

All Is One! Be grateful in all things!

Earthly experience is then a choice and the only action required is allowance. The degree of success is determined by our ability to let go of preconceived ideas and our level of trust in our High Spiritual Self (Creator). No effort of any kind can achieve putting aside ego mind. If you are making this choice you are in a place of trust and love. Fear (false evidence appearing real) is not part of the equation and our abilities are not determined by the ego mind (self). Instead you recognize that you are an infinite being having a Human experience. The greatness that is all that is, is you, me, and the oneness of all that is. The simplicity of choice and allowance is the same simplicity of un-abounding, un-conditional Love. Be; that which you desire and you will create those desires.

I and the Father are One! I am Co-Creator with the Father! I am the Christ White Light, I am the Christ White Light, I am that Christ White Light! So Be It, It Is Done!

Journey On in Love,

Rose Louise

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To Complicate or Simplify Spirit; That is the Question?

I Am an Infinite Being having a Human experience!

I Am an Infinite Being having a Human experience!

This post is divinely shared by: Euphramous, High Elder in the House of David and member of the Brotherhood of Light

From the aspect of Humanity’s ego mind the need to understand through deductive reasoning is also the main reason the Spiritual aspect of us has been complicated beyond our ability to grasp its role in our current life’s journey. Other reasons are Humanities desire for power over others and greed. Human Beings analyze and rationalize just about every bit of knowledge we (the Brotherhood of Light) have brought forth within the Earth Plane. I include myself within the whole of All That is because we are one; all of us. It does not normally occur to you (Humanity) at your level of understanding to simply accept the information as given and wait for your heart and mind to catch up with your Spiritual understanding. Your Spirit already has all understanding, but the ego mind has closed that door and will only gain understanding through the reopening of that door. Reopening the door to your spiritual side is a choice and takes no effort from you. Recognizing the connection and gaining understanding around the simplicity of Love is also a choice. Accept what is without judgment, drawing conclusions or getting wrapped up in the drama of circumstances.

While the appearance of separation and fragmentation appears to be real within your experience; it is the conclusion of ego mind and not at all the actual truth of your Being nor is it the truth of the Universe or All That Is! What appears fragmented and separate is in fact a very intricate aspect of all that is with an extremely important role within the Creative design of All That Is. All is connected through energy and will always be connected. We are all parts of the same whole, intricate in design with unique purposes, each relevant to the ultimate working order of the Universal Design of Creation. As a human body has many parts, organs, and life force it is one body. So it is with Spirit; you are an aspect or part of the body of Creator/God/I Am/All That Is. You have a specific purpose and job within the body of God. But you are not in any way separate from the Creator. Fragmentation is only an appearance on the level of ego mind and is not the truth of Creation. If there was truly fragmentation of Spirit, there would not be the cohesive workings of Spirit.

Energy is all that is, All That Is, is, has always been and always will be. There is nothing

Transformation Through Consciousness

Transformation Through Consciousness

complicated about that. There is nothing complicated about the fact that you are an intricate aspect, a vital part of a cohesive and perfect union called Creation. Love is the energy that flows through each Human conduit when it is allowed to flow. We are here to assist Humanity and bring to those whom request it wisdom, knowledge and understanding. With an open mind, heart and spirit this must be received; if the mind is cluttered with preconceived ideas and judgment, the message will be distorted or incomplete. Conclusions are then drawn that turns the wisdom, knowledge and understanding into a lie. To have an open belief system that is pliable and modifiable is required to be able to know the truth.

If there is any complexities to this message it is the fact that Humanity must grasp the simplicity of Creator and the fact that all is the energy of Love which is the same as Creator. But this complexity is only in the minds of Humanity and changes as Humanity raises the vibrational field around Earth. Choose to be the light and you are the light! Choose to be Love and you are Love! Choose to live in darkness and you will be blinded to the truth. All is choice and all is that simple!

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Recognizing, Understanding & Developing Your Spiritual Side

I Am an Infinite Being having a Human experience!

I Am an Infinite Being having a Human experience!

Beyond Limitation-

Where self-imposed limitations go away and infinite possibility resides.

Self-imposed limitations go away- When I say self-imposed limitations go away, what I am saying is that without effort, without any form of work or force our self-imposed limitations will go away. How does this happen? Our self-imposed limitations go away when we recognize they are false perceptions that have no control over us other than the control that we give them.

We give limitation control through our belief that the limitation is real and our lack of understanding around our true Infinite Spiritual side. The belief that our Spiritual side is esoteric at best and not tangible prevents us from manifesting the infinite abilities we have as Spiritual Beings.

When we begin to allow our higher vibrational Spiritual Self to manifest within our Earthly experience then self-imposed limitations begin for drop off.

Where Infinite Possibility Resides- It is the truth we seek about our true infinite being that when realized takes the place of the self-imposed limitation. Therefore without effort, without work those false perceptions about what is real go away.

When we have spiritual experiences that we do not understand, when those experiences frighten us or cause us to wonder if we are going crazy; it is time to seek knowledge, understanding and wisdom from our Creator/God. When we ask for understanding, wisdom, and knowledge and are not blocking it with our preconceived ideas of what is real and what isn’t real then the truth will reveal itself to us.

At this point it is important to understand that those experiences are not abnormal, they are normal for an Infinite Spiritual Being of Light. You have forgotten your true being and it is beginning to reveal itself to you. The perceived idea that what we appear to be in the physical realm is real is actually a false perception. The physical aspect of us is nothing more than a projection of thought energy, where the Spirit is Infinite possibility and more tangible than is realized at this stage of the awakening process.

Your Angels Are Guiding You, Listen!

Your Angels Are Guiding You, Listen!

Infinite Possibility is God within us, manifesting through us within the linear third dimensional Universe.

If God is within me, manifesting through me infinite possibility, than I am indeed one with the Father. I am Gods vehicle for the experience of life on Earth. I can choose to block God from manifesting through me or I can open the door wide and experience Gods power and perfection throughout this life experience. Either way it is my choice to choose to live in darkness for the time being or I can open up to my true being which is God. I am an aspect of God; I am a God Being as that aspect of God. My physical being will reflect the level of openness I have to my Creator. The amount of suffering, the amount of illness, the amount of lack in our lives is a direct result of our willingness to be open to the infinite possibility that is God or close that door.

Closing the door to God does not make God go away! Closing the door to God is simply us saying that we have more of the imperfect world that we wish to experience. Eventually every Spiritual Being within the Earth plane will know who and what they are as Spiritual Beings.

It is not right or wrong to close that door; the closed door is indeed intended to be within your experience here on Earth at that exact moment. At the right moment within your experience the door will open without effort on your part. Force cannot open that door; force will block your communication with God. Allowing that innermost desire to manifest is the only way to reopen the door to God and your higher God Self.

Our physical being will reflect the everlasting youth and the beauty of God or it will wither and die. If the body withers and dies it is because we have not allowed ourselves to be completely open to God. That too is alright; at the proper point of our journey the body is renewed and we are once again 100% one with God.

I am one with the Father! I am Co-Creator with the Father! I am one with All That Is!

Journey On in Love,

Rose Louise

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Stubbornness Mucking up the Relationship Works

I Am an Infinite Being having a Human experience!

I Am an Infinite Being having a Human experience!

This week my experiences showed me how being stubborn can muck up the works and prevent us from experiencing the joy we are intended to experience. Life has a way of unveiling ways of being that we were not aware of within our physical mind. When we finally realize the way of being we are holding onto that is no longer serving us for our highest good, another way of being is revealed; stubbornness. This un-willingness to let go of what is no longer serving us for our highest good is within its self another way of being that if we were honest we would see it too is not serving us for our highest good. We insist on holding onto old habits and ways of being that are no longer serving us, but are familiar and provide us with some form of satisfaction.


Perhaps the person we love wants us to give up something, a habit we have had for a long time. It could be anything, you fill in the blank. Also, perhaps the one we love is insisting and pushing us to let it go, give it up, stop doing whatever it might be. Maybe they are giving us an ultimatum, or using guilt tactics to force the issue. Maybe they are doing it because of some perceived loss they have had in their life that is causing fear of the same thing happening again. Whatever the motivation, their stubbornness and way of being, coming from a place of fear could cause the other person to bolt or just dig in their heels with stubbornness, no one likes to be told they can’t do something or that they have to give something up they have done for years; maybe even before the relationship began. After all the first person knew the other person had that habit before they got involved. But also perhaps the second person promised the first person they could and would give up the habit at the beginning of the relationship. It is important to point out here that both parties are allowing fear to rule them. That is where the stubbornness stems from. The person wanting the change is bringing the past into their current relationship and is allowing fear to make them say; my way or the highway. The other person is allowing themselves to think that the habit or way of being can’t be broken because their being pushed, or cravings, or it is too hard to stop the habit; maybe a combination of things are causing the person to not keep their promise.

Because we are being pushed we refuse to let go of whatever it might be. Instead of recognizing how little the thing really means to us and giving it up for our own good; we dig in our heels and say no way. When we dig in our heels, insisting that we must have our way and the one we love does the same; we have a standoff and no one wins! Refusing to let go of what no longer serves us rips apart the relationship. Anger, frustration, and hurt feelings replace the love we felt for the other person. Our lives are ours to create, if the habit or way of being is more important than the one we love then our priorities are a little messed up. There is one thing within our realm that lasts an eternity; that is the Spiritual Being residing within the flesh suit that is being just as stubborn as you are. Relationships take work and willingness to compromise. Giving things up that we have held onto for a long time is personal growth and if it helps your relationship then let go of it. Ask yourself if the consequences of holding onto the habit or way of being that may provide fleeting pleasure is worth losing the love that lasts an eternity. compassion

For the first person accepting the second person as they are, loving them and enjoying whatever time they have together would most likely be preferable to living in fear of something happening they have no control over. Their lack of presence within the moment could cause them to lose the one they love sooner rather than later.

For the second person holding onto the habit, especially if they made a promise is self-sabotage. It is time to be honest and either let go of the habit or let go of the relationship. Either way it is a choice for both people. Regardless of the choice made, that person will have to live with whatever the consequences are. Do you, either of you really want to live without the other one in your life?

What could happen if the first person accepts the second person as they are, trusting them to keep the promise in their own time and way? No pushing, no guilt, no force; if the second person was sincere about changing the habit or way of being within their own way and time they would make the change. Love always finds a way to show through, and when we hold onto the past or ways of being that no longer serve us, we prevent Love from manifesting in the most complete way.

When we see our desires and allow them to come into our lives without force, without expectations, those desires manifest more completely, with a reality more wonderful than we ever dreamed it could be.

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Naturopathic Medicine or Allopathic Medicine

My own journey has been one of growing up using Allopathic Medicine because it was the norm. Traditional Doctors and medications are what my entire family used and is the only form of medicine I knew about until I grew up. To my disappointment instead of getting healthier I found myself becoming sicker under a regular Doctors care. One prescription led to another prescription and more symptoms; a vicious cycle ensued. I also noticed other members of my family having the same experience. I watched as my Sister deteriorated because Doctors were just pumping her full of drugs instead of getting to the bottom of what was wrong. She was getting sicker and sicker and the Doctors claimed it was a combination of depression and MS. Finally after more than twenty years of miss-diagnosis, a Doctor finally did the test that found Lymphoma in its fourth and final stage. My Sister transformed into Spirit in December of 2001. My Mother also was medicated to the point of no return for symptoms that were never healed. I could share many other experiences with Loved Ones that are similar, but that is not what this is about.

As my own health continued to deteriorate I recognized that I had to do something different if I wanted to survive. I began to explore alternative healing modalities and found that many of them were not only beneficial to treating symptoms but they were actually looking for the cause of the symptom and treating that. When this was done I found my symptoms diminish. Naturopathic Medicine is one of the forms of Natural Alternative Medicine I explored, used and continue to use.

Traditional medicine treats symptoms; they do not look for the cause of the symptom. That means that rarely does anything get healed. People are usually put on medications and there they stay. All too often those medications have side effects that instead of the Doctor removing the patient from the medication they simply prescribe another one. Once in a while there is an exception but usually one prescription leads to another prescription and another and on and on. Being on the merry-go-round is sometimes realized but ignored by us because of a lack of knowledge and self-awareness. We also justify remaining in this vicious cycle because of a misplaced trust in the Doctor and traditional medicine. Doctors work for us, yet they have a tendency to force their will on us and do not listen to us when we tell them something is not working. We take whatever they prescribe without question and end up on this drug merry-go-round.

It is time for us to step up, take responsibility for our own health and stop putting all of that responsibility on the Doctor. I don’t care if your Doctor is Allopathic or Holistic; your health is your responsibility and as such you must hold your Doctor accountable for the treatment prescribed. If you are going to get well you have to take steps on your own to do so. I now do things naturally and do not take any prescriptions at all. I have found this to work the best for me. The chronic illnesses I suffered with are easily dealt with through supplements and my Naturopathic Doctor assisting me with diet and choosing the right supplements to take for my health needs.

We are stewards of this body; it is our responsibility to take care of it, not the Doctors. There are many forms of Holistic Healing Modalities that are beneficial to self-healing. The difference between existing and living is one of becoming a conscious thinker and a willingness to take responsibility when something is not working for us. If we ignore the facts around our poor health and the way we are dealing with it, then the consequences of that complacency will be a reflection of that way of being.

I use a Naturopathic Doctor for myself and my Husband. I also utilize acupuncture, massage therapy, energy medicine, hypnotherapy and reflexology. With this combination I am happy and well! No prescribed medications at all in my current life experience.

Allopathic Doctors have their place and if I break a bone or have to have a test done, I will use an traditional method to help diagnose or set my broken bone. Otherwise I will stick with my natural forms of healing including taking my supplements. It works for me, if it works for me it might also work for you.

Wellness is a mindset and a choice. Be well, all of you!

Journey On,

Rose Louise

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What I am Thankful For this Thanksgiving

What are You Thankful For?

All Is One! Be grateful in all things!

All Is One! Be grateful in all things!

Today is a day that our Ancestors set aside to celebrate a coming together with cooperation to create not just survival but a means to thrive. As the Pilgrims realized the dire straits they were in and that they would not survive doing things without community cooperation, they reached out to the Natives of this great land. With open arms the Native Indians taught the new comers about cooperation and showed them how to plant corn. To commemorate this new beginning they joined together to have a great feast. Today it is recognized as a National Holiday “Thanksgiving”.

It is only one day out of 365 on our calendar but it is there to remind us that to be thankful is one of the most important ways of being for Humans. Whether we call it thankfulness or gratitude the energy we create is the same. This is a good energy that sets the stage for greater things to come into our lives. As my way of being changes there is an ever increasing amount of gratitude/thankfulness that radiates from my being.

There has always been some gratitude in me for the perceived good things that happened in my life experience; although the challenges in my life were looked upon by me as obstacles, bad, and those things appeared to block my perceived growth. At least that was my perception. Today I understand that every event perceived good or bad is something I can be grateful for. It doesn’t matter the event, it doesn’t matter the immediate circumstances or reaction to the event; what matters is how we learn, what we learn and how we use that knowledge to open the doors to opportunities that come from each event. I grew up with low self-esteem and a life view that was without hope; that is what put me in the compromised state I was in when I finally surrendered to my Creator at age 45. At that point I did not see how the hateful people and painful events could be something I could be thankful for. It took time for my Angels and Guides to teach me about life view and how it affects our experiences. Through every experience there is something to be thankful for, we have to search for it but once we find it the brightness of our gratitude far outshines the dense energy created by whatever was painful or devistating.  I am thankful, I have much gratitude for-

  • Being born at the right time to the right parents that agreed to teach me everything I was intended to learn. Through their sacrifices, lowering their vibration to be the abusive alcoholics and radical hypocritical religious people they were; I learned much.
  • I learned to be grateful to my Creator for protecting me from even more abuse over the years and the strength I had gained gave me a foundation for compassion
  • I am grateful for the inner perspective and knowledge about forgiveness, for the ability to forgive
  • Because of every experience, I have greater understanding around the suffering of others.
  • I am grateful to my Creator for carrying me through the struggles to the light of Love.
  • I am grateful for every teacher that taught me throughout this life experience; without them I would not be the Being I am now
  • I am grateful for the compassion I have gained for others
  • I am grateful for the poverty I have experienced; without that experience I would not know the value of abundance
  • I am grateful for the illnesses that riddled my body; without that I would not know the joy of good health
  • I am grateful for the failed relationships; without those I would not recognize the differences between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship
  • I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained from watching others making choices that had outcomes I did not desire to bring into my experience. They taught me well; because of them I did not do what they did. This made my experience better. Thank you!
  • I am grateful for every possession I have ever had. These temporary things have taught me non-attachment
  • I am grateful for the time I have had with loved ones that are now with our Father; they have not only taught me in life, they continue to teach me through their transformation into Spirit
  • I am grateful to the Earth Angels that assisted me when I was in that hopeless state of mind; living in a world perceived separate from my Creator and those around me. They brought light, love, oneness and opportunity into my life. Thank you!
  • I am grateful for the times the Angels intervened, protecting me from harm
  • I am grateful for every person that continues to bring growth into my life experience
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my Creator and Humanity
  • I am grateful for the joy and peace I now have through my allowing God to be my constant companion
  • I am grateful for the knowledge that I am an infinite being having a human experience
  • I am grateful for my continued growth into enlightenment
  • I am grateful for the people that are now in my life and serve to further my growth and I serve to further their growth
  • I am grateful for the internet and its far reach
  • I am grateful to Blog Talk Radio for this show- Beyond Limitation
  • I am grateful for the knowing that we are beings of infinite possibility
  • I am grateful that you and I are one with our Creator
  • I am grateful that we are co-creators with our Father
  • I am grateful for the abundance that is now in my life and will be in my life

Let’s sum it up- I am happy and grateful for everything, every experience and everyone that is now in my life, was in my life experience and will be in my life experience.

Through gratitude we are able to modify the outcome of any and all experience we have. When I am willing to see the good in what is occurring around me, it creates more of that energy. That means it will create more of what I perceive to be good. When I look at life as a learning experience; when I look at events as not good or bad, but as opportunities for growth; the energy around the experience must follow suit.

So take the celebration of Thanksgiving as a symbol for a way of being that each of us is able to manifest throughout the year. Be grateful in all things, this way of being improves this life experience and opens our hearts and minds to truth, too God.

With a grateful heart and mind I say thank you to every listener I have. It is my hope that you will know my heart and my love for each of you. It is my desire that you thrive and know God Love as I do. God saved my human life and taught me that this experience is only a reflection of my way of being and my reflection of that way of being. The real story is the infinite being that is the life source for all that is. It is our Spirit, the life force that gives us this opportunity to learn about what we are not, but to also learn about what we are “Infinite God Love”.

Journey On in Gratitude, Rose Louise

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