The Electromagnetic You

Angel FeatherI have not been educated in this topic, so I am completely relying on my Spiritual Guides to provide answers here. I am a conduit for the highest realm to bring answers and understanding to Humanity. I surrender to Spirit allowing 100% pure light beings to speak through me. All is in perfect order for my highest good and the highest good of those around me! So Be It!

I am Arch Angel Meditron, I will share as a scientist the truths about how the energy within your Universe works. All that is, is energy. You know that energy vibrates at different speeds which reflects the density or lightness of that energy. You also know that when we look at something it appears to be separate from other forms of energy. However, this is only a perception; every form of energy is connected with every other form of energy. An example could be a rock; rocks appear to be very solid dense objects that are heavy and contain different mineral aspects. Rocks are all shaped according to their energetic make-up, some containing lighter energies like crystals and others containing more dense metals. This dense energy reaches out to the other energies around them to connect with more like energy. This is why over your linear time line rocks grow in size and change shape. The vibration of a rock does not stop with the materials around it though; the vibration continues to flow throughout your Universe only to return to its original source after completing the cycle. This process is true for all that is within the third dimension. All energy is alive!

The question here is- If rocks are energy like everything else in the Universe, how does that energy hold together? The answer is Electromagnetics! Because like energy draws like energy, each object upon your planet is drawn to its equal vibration. You can call this magnetics. The idea of magnetics is that when the polarity of an object is reversed, it becomes magnetized. It will then attach itself to other energetic forms that are attracted to it or vice versa. The most common obvious magnetic material on Earth is iron.

This is where we will expand upon the fact that this electromagnetic energy is found in all that exists in your Universe. It is not now nor has it ever been limited to iron. Magnetics is the process used to bind together, bring together and control the flow of all energy within the third dimension. This is why the Universal Law of Attraction works the way it does. When we attempt to interrupt the flow of energy through force, the magnetics of whatever the energy may be is so strong that it increases its attraction to its opposite like energy. An example could be, the emotion behind fear. When you are afraid of something, you are focused on what you are afraid of. That vibration is vibrated out from you into the Universe and is drawn through magnetics to like energy. It will attach itself to that like energy and bring it back around to the original source which is you. In other words if you are afraid of something you will create the very thing you fear through the vibration of that emotion. This is why we say to you; realign your focus upon the life experience you desire instead of what you do not desire. That realignment will create it’s like energy, again through magnetics.

Either way, whatever you are focused on with passion and persistence must be created within your reality. Another point I wish to make clear, is that you have the power to modify your energy at any point within the space of your Universe. Nothing is final when it comes to the energy created by Humanity. The opportunity to modify your energy has always existed and will always exist. You are truly Infinite Beings with infinite possibility as your nature. All that Humanity must do to draw lighter energies is choose the lighter energy, focus upon that energy, and allow yourself to accept it as your reality. It is already your truth; you simply have not allowed yourself to believe it is so.

The technology you are learning about today on this Beyond Limitation Show is technology sent to you to assist with raising your vibration. As your vibration is raised, your body is healed; as your body becomes well your mental process is quickened and the veil of consciousness is lifted. The truth of your true nature is revealed and transformation takes place. All truly is in perfect order for your highest good because eventually the vibration of your Universe will vibrate at a much faster brighter vibration. All must follow suit within your Universe, so every Human Being will recognize the truth of why you are here.

Every Human Being lowered their vibration to experience imperfection, not knowing the results of this action. The results of allowing lower vibrational energies to enter the Human experience, caused Humanity to forget their true being. We are intervening on your behalf to assist with raising your vibration back to a state of remembrance. More and more we are seeing subtle changes within your realm, subtle higher vibrational changes that is causing Humanity to awaken to possibilities that before our intervention, Humanity believed to be crazy. Even your scientists are beginning to see the vastness of Human possibilities. They are beginning to recognize that Humanity is capable of so much more than previously thought.

I thank you for allowing me to speak to you this day and ask that you simply allow yourself to recognize the energy you are sending into the magnetic field around your planet. Recognize it and modify it accordingly to raise your vibration and therefore save your planet. It does not affect the ultimate outcome if you do not allow yourself to remember, it will affect the journey through this experience called Human Life. So continue on my Loved Ones with the knowing you are safe within this experience. The final outcome will be one of remembering your true nature and allowing imperfection to slip away.

Thank you Arch Angel Medatron for your gift of knowledge and for allowing me to be the conduit you used to bring it forth. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my Creator and Humanity. I also thank my other guides that teach and assist me.  I choose to get my ego out of the way through trusting surrender. I seek only the truth and I trust the message brought forth knowing that all is for our highest good. So Be It!

Rose Louise

About Rose Louise

Welcome to my journey...I am an infinite spirit having a human experience. This experience is one that I create with every thought, with every word and feeling. You are now a part of my journey as is intended. I share with you my gift of wellness, the gift of Love. The power of self healing has always been ours; the difference is you and I are remembering our true being. Journey On, Rose Louise
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